Terra Graphic Novel Review

TerraErica gives this comic three stars

Terra by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art: Amanda Conner

I picked up this trade after really enjoying this creative team’s run on Power Girl. This was, however, in no way near the quality of that title. Yay for writers improving (this happens Pre-Power Girl), but I’m kind of sad this title’s not better than it is. Even Conner’s art seems a little more cheesecakey.

I’m really glad that the editors included the Supergirl issue which introduced this version of Terra. It helped better set the context of the tale. Especially given that I’m essentially reading this story backwards.

Things that I really liked:

Most of Conner’s art was excellent. I do love how she draws expressions. Especially on Power Girl.

I loved the beginnings of Terra and Power Girl’s friendship. I loved this team-up in battle, but also just hanging around and being friends. Power Girl teaching Terra about the world was also pretty cute.

I’m glad that Geo-Force got to resolve some of his issues. Even if his story ended with his brain being wiped about his time with Terra’s people.

It was good that Terra saved the day at the end as hero of her people. When Geo-Force asked them about protection from outside threats and they pointed to Terra, that was hands-down my favorite part of this graphic novel.

The one thing that I really didn’t like:

Richard Faulkner’s entire plot. I hated that Veronica was vain and selfish. I hated that she died to further his manpain and go on a rampage through Terra’s people’s home. And that the further broken her crystallized body became, the more crazy he was. Yuck.

In general, this was a fun story, but Richard and the fridged Veronica just really muddied it up.

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