The Incredible Hulk Movie

Spoilers for the movie

The Incredible Hulk was actually pretty good. I really like that when it starts Banner is already the Hulk and on the run from the military who wants to use him as a weapon. They did a nice modern update of what current scientists might use gamma radiation for, instead of the Cold War-era gamma bombs. While Edward Norton gave a great performance as Banner, I’m not so sure how well he would’ve worked in a clean state-of-the-art science lab. He’s a more DIY than that and worked better with Banner’s centrifuge’s made from bicycle tires and a turntable in Brazil.

The movie uses what’s left of the super solider program (Captain America) to give the Abomination his first powers and then a super gamma dose to create the Abomination, which gives him an interesting, but little different backstory from the comics. The Leader is also created, who I assume will be in the second movie.

I do wish that Banner would’ve tried to contact his lawyer cousin (She-Hulk), especially given that he’s supposedly on the run for 5-years and, in the comics, they’re close despite age differences. Then it would given Elizabeth another woman to talk to, instead of all those men.

The CGI was solid. Not too cheesy, but fantastical. Even if I kept going, the Abomination isn’t wearing pants and we’re not seeing anything but pelvic bone, no wonder he’s pissed. (Yes, sometimes I am five.) I did thing their best work was done on the Hulk itself.

I liked Elizabeth as fearless when it came to confronting the Hulk because she believed Banner was still in there, not just because she was dumb and in love. She definitely made a choice. I think the movie did a great job portraying just what true loyalty is.

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