The Invincible Iron Man #504, #505, and #506 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Invincible Iron Man #504, Invincible Iron Man #505, and Invincible Iron Man #506 by Matt Fraction
Average rating: 3.6/5

Invincible Iron Man #504 Invincible Iron Man #505 Invincible Iron Man #506

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsInvincible Iron Man #504 by Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

For a tie-in to the major crossover event, I found this story pretty well stood on it’s own. With the basics of Fear Itself, Iron Man’s journey to Paris to fight the newly super-super powerful Grey Gargoyle was pretty straight forward. I do like that these fear hammers seem to be finding villains that aren’t the heavy hitters.

I loved Pepper, Tony, and Mrs. Arbogast’s conversation at the start. Both hilarious inappropriate and so very them. Yes, Pepper is so right; Tony’s hung up on her, or more likely, hung up on what he can’t remember. Yeah, I don’t buy that Tony is a true love kind of guy either.

And yes, it is so like Tony to have Pepper hire Bethany Cabe, his ex-girlfriend, to be head of security. Though it’s not like she isn’t qualified.

Fraction’s pacing was great in this book. Tony’s discovery that the Parisians were being turned into stone was perfect. It brought just the correct amount of fear into the book. Especially him finding the lone man and worrying that the Grey Gargoyle could turn him into stone too.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsInvincible Iron Man #505 by Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

This book continues to be very enjoyable. I approve of this change.

What I loved most about this issue was not the action, but the emotional moments of Tony, Pepper, and Bethany. I pretty much could care less about anything with the Grey Gargoyle. And in his own way, I think Fraction could too. At least in this book. I’m sure he cares very much about it for the main Fear Itself title.

I almost feel like Tony is more broken in this story than when he removed his memories. He’s gotten his butt handed to him, there’s the matter of his company, there are two women that he loves/has loved, and his chest is cracked.

But, of course, it’s Pepper who moves me. How worried she is about the company and about Tony. I love that she has a breakdown why she’s watching the news and that Bethany sees her and goes to comfort her. And then when Tony comes in. He’s so stereotypically stoic; and Larroca does a brilliant job at placing the bottle of wine from Hammer in the right place. Especially after we see Johnson die at the hands of the Grey Gargoyle. Tony’s so horribly patronizing as he tells his “girls” to stay safe.

On a lighter note, Bethany telling Macken to change his “password” password was brilliant. Because as someone that works in tech, yes. That’s how most things get hacked, and even technies make too easy passwords.

Erica gives this comic three starsInvincible Iron Man #506 by Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

Plus: Swearing and bitchy dwarfs who can forge any weapon needed.

Minus: Tony drinking again, and it seeming surreal because he’s surrounded by dwarfs who are swearing.

Plus: Pepper putting on her Rescue suit.

Minus: Hammer sending more minions to Paris to “kill anything moving.” That just sounds like a bad plan right there, considering there are civilians. I get that Hammer is bad!

Plus: Awesome leaping cat avoiding being shot numerous times and sitting on the Grey Gargoyle’s shoulder.

Minus: How anytime we invoke Odin, things are going to get a tad ridiculous. Even for a comic book.

Plus: Freaking awesome cover. Nice job, Larroca.

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