The Legend of Wonder Woman #7, #8, and #9 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for The Legend of Wonder Woman #7, The Legend of Wonder Woman #8, and The Legend of Wonder Woman #9 by Renae De Liz
Average rating: 3.3/5 stars

The Legend of Wonder Woman #7 The Legend of Wonder Woman #8 The Legend of Wonder Woman #9

Erica gives this comic three starsThe Legend of Wonder Woman #7 by Renae De Liz

I always want to like this book more than I do. But I want someone to edit the script down to about half of the words. About half the words would make this better. And someone to choose a different color besides a light orange to go on a white background for the text.

These two things have kept me reading this book for far too long. Seriously, I’ve been slowly hacking away at it for over a year.

I do love the design of Diana’s costume. It fits well with the original one by H.G. Peters. De Liz’s illustrations make her skirt flow.

I don’t know how I feel about Diana choosing to be human. Yes, she doesn’t want to be Zeus’ pawn, which I love, but also it’s weird to see it immediately contrasted with scenes with Steve. Steve is basically ready to purpose marriage.

This isn’t just a ball.

We shall see where everything goes. At least Beeta Lambda has arrived. Hopefully, Etta will stop being so straight. She’s super gay.

Erica gives this comic three starsThe Legend of Wonder Woman #8 by Renae De Liz

So. Many. Words. So. Much. Dialog. Where is an editor?

I’m glad to see Etta get her shining moment. Not only is Pamela Smothers a far distant second, Etta and the Holliday Girls are stars. Oh, those costume changes. I did really love the shape and features of Etta’s original dress at the beginning. I was a little meh about Diana’s. I feel that I’ve seen it before. Let’s not always put her in everything Greek-referencing.

The appearance of Alfred was extremely cheeky and too much. Like I’m okay with Alfred having a backstory, but I’m not so sure about the showbiz angle.

Love that the Holliday Girls are womanning this flight. They found the invisible jet! Pushing that big red button was some nice stakes in the story.

Of course, Diana has her powers because they are hers. It was nice to see her believe in her inner strength though. Even if she definitely put herself in some pickles that would’ve killed, or badly injured, a mortal woman.

The Duke of Deception is not my favorite villain. I get that there’s always a stand-in for Ares. It seemed too simple and too neat for him to realize that his brother was still alive and vow to use his powers for revenge on Ares and to rescue his brother.

The Titan has to be wrapped up in a single final issue.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsThe Legend of Wonder Woman #9 by Renae De Liz

This book would be so good with a heavy word cutting edit and a letterer. Instead of the orange text, we have blue Gia text with a heavy, default stroke. A stroke setting that anyone — including myself — with a brief stint doing art and graphic design in Photoshop would recognize. My reading lamp lights were on high, and I was near them, and I was still squinting.

I gave this final story a four because I loved the ending. It’s so right that Etta tracks down Diana because she’s a hero too. I love that it wasn’t Steve. It was Etta. Friends forever, fighting the good fight.

Diana making the choice to become Wonder Woman fully was also great. She understands her commitment now that she’s fought the Titan. Not so happy with her not saying goodbye to the other Holliday Girls.

I’m 100% behind this rewrite of Gia being the one who gives Diana her birth and grants her the powers. Yes! Makes her even more clearly feminist. Forever I will lobby this.

Overall, this is a series that I want to recommend as a retelling and slight rewrite of Wonder Woman’s origin story. Or at least her first superheroic adventures, classic tales, and friendship with Etta. But it’s hard to recommend due to the issues I’ve struggled with in enjoying this book and my reading experience.

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