Universal Constants in the Virgin Project

The Virginity ProjectThere’s no doubt that our society has a fixation on loosing one’s virginity. Everyone has an opinon on when, to whom, and how is best for one to loose their virginity. The Virgin Project: Real People Share Real Stories by K.D. Boze and Stasia Kato takes a clear, and in many ways, refreshing look at how a diverse, variety of people lost their virginities. The stories and accompanying art doesn’t judge. Not anymore than the person telling it wants to judge themselves.

Some stories are shocking. Some are sweet. Some are horrific. Others are funny and some seem almost meaningless. The art itself is very tasteful, especially given the subject matter.

The book is intriguing because everyone enjoys being a voyeur and knowing everyone else’s business. But it’s also intriguing to read a story and relate to the experience. To know that you’re not the only one. Or to say, well, I’m definitely not like that one.

At the end, the reader is left saying that maybe loosing one’s virginity isn’t as important or big as society makes it out to be or maybe it is, in that there’s a whole graphic novel about it.

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