Valkyrie #1 Comic Book Review

Comic book review for Marvel’s Valkyrie #1 by Bryan J.L. Glass

Valkyrie #1

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsValkyrie #1 by Bryan J.L. Glass

Glass did a pretty good at tying together all of Valkyrie’s history. Yes, it’s confusing. She’s been controlled by villains and had different women inhabit her body and have her powers. I liked the idea that Valkyrie herself didn’t know who she was. And that she slowly discovers herself again.

I was a little surprised by the story of her death. I’ll admit to not having read a lot of the Asgard plots and Thor comics. However, I thought her death would be a bigger deal.

Though I did appreciate it as a reset of her character. And that Thor wanted her to live. I liked the lightening bolt going through the electrical paddles to bring her to life.

Winslade’s art was okay. It did its job, but I’m not sure how much it enhanced the story. I also got a little tired of her open shirt and exposed bra. Yes, in order to jolt someone back to life, you need to open her shirt. But you don’t have to leave it open for an extended period of time.

I still think that bringing back Piledriver and the Wrecking Crew into main continuity is silly. And I feel like if you’re going to place Valkyrie as a main hero in the new Heroic Age (as part of Secret Avengers) that she could’ve been killed by a A-list villain. Or at least a B one.

But I did think that the ending, with her riding off on a white horse like Pegasus to save a man’s life, was perfect.

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