Vikings, Adults, and Some Kids

Viking #1 by Ivan Brandon, The Invincible Iron Man #13 by Matt Fraction, and Runaways #9 by Terry Moore

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Viking #1 by Ivan BrandonErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

I picked up this comic on the recommendation from Matt Fraction actually. He talked about it a lot on his Twitter feed and further at Emerald City Comic Con.

I really really love Nick Klein’s art in it. I don’t know how much I’m attached to the story. Vikings mean a lot of guys. (Though there is one lady in the cast.) There was also poop talk, which is one of my squicks when it comes to humor. (Just don’t argue with me about it; it bothers me, okay.) There’s also a lot of bloody violence, which isn’t a problem for me, but might be for some people. I also probably don’t think it’s very historical; it was a little whimsical.

Mostly, I think it has some of the most unique art in comics that I’ve seen in a while.

The Invincible Iron Man #13 by Matt FractionErica gives this comic five stars

This is the one where Pepper Potts get interrogated by Norman Osborne and takes him to task. Also Maria Hill has flashbacks of all the men who’ve talked down to her in her life and beats the mind control of The Controller because she’s that bad ass. Madame Masque also shows up to take down Tony as hired by Osborne.

Oh, yeah, and there’s some guy named Tony Stark and his brain may or may not be dribbling out of his ear.

One word: Awesome.

Runaways #9 by Terry MooreErica gives this comic three stars

The zombies have been fixed. I’m so excited to see Moore picking up Whedon’s plotline about Nico, her great-grandma, and the Staff of One. I’m also happy to see him putting a good spin on it, unlike Whedon’s typical virgin/whore complex in the comparisons of Lillie McGurty and Nico.

I’m hoping to see more emotional plotlines for Karolina now that Xavin has taken off to impersonating Karolina for that whole alien war survivors storyline. Thank you, Runaways, for being one of the only comics that pays attention to its own canon. Hopefully, this will continue with the new writing/art team.

However, overall, the issue felt rather anticlimactic and didn’t live up to my expectations for the title.

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