Wonder Woman #37, #38, and #39 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Wonder Woman #37, Wonder Woman #38, and Wonder Woman #39 by Meredith Finch and David Finch
Average rating: 1.3/5 stars

Wonder Woman #37 Wonder Woman #38 Wonder Woman #39

Erica gives this comic one star.Wonder Woman #37 by Meredith Finch
Art: David Finch

This title continues to be awful. Let’s talk about Mr. Finch’s art, which is full of broken bent back and porn orgasm face. Seriously, even the cover of this issue is horrifying from an artistic standpoint. Wonder Woman goes into battle with o-face, which apparently signals that she’s talking/shouting. (Her jaw is unhinged equally for both.)

Then we have the Amazons, which Mr. Finch puts in ridiculous “barbarian” clothing. All belly shirts and loin-cloth skirts or just bikini bottoms. Even our lizard sorceress is dressed like a model. Everyone except the older lady — who’s all face wrinkles and old — thus, not attractive enough to put in a bikini.

Next on Mr. Finch’s horror list is Donna Troy and her big tits being resurrected from the dead or created (new 52 confusion on my part). There are ways to draw naked women in positions where they aren’t just sexy dolls.

Now let’s go to Ms. Finch’s writing. Clearly, Wonder Woman’s real problem is writerly indecision. Or setting up a weak plot. If Wonder Woman can’t “have it all”, maybe we need to rethink who’s writing Wonder Woman?

Erica gives this comic two starsWonder Woman #38 by Meredith Finch
Art: David Finch

Why? What’s the obsession with this Wonder Woman as God of War? I don’t get it. Seems so forced by editorial on multiple levels. It reads also like Meredith Finch doesn’t know where the book is going or how Diana will react to this fundamental change in her.

The Amazons can also hold their own much better than that in battle. I’m also really tired of the Amazons being portrayed as a backwards people. When Diana talks to Hessia, she speaks as if her people don’t have the advanced technology they’ve been shown with or that every Amazon is 100% a warrior and they were all raised to be an army. That’s some ridiculous assumptions.

David Finch’s art has been bothering me for a while now, and it wasn’t until this issue that I was able to pin it down: he draws every woman’s face exactly the same, only their coloring is different. I felt that I needed name tags.

I suppose if nothing else, this book will give us Donna Troy back. Thanks, New 52.

Erica gives this comic one star.Wonder Woman #39 by Meredith Finch
Art: David Finch

So here’s my thing: one of the most incredible, amazing features of Wonder Woman as a book has been female friendship. Not just a female friendship like Diana and Etta, but the friendship of all the Amazons with each other. Women supporting women. Women empowering other women. Women living together in a cooperative society that doesn’t devolve into cat fighting, hair pulling, and lesbian pillow fights all for straight men.

Donna Troy has always had a problematic backstory to say the least. I’d hoped that perhaps she’d be introduced as a new sister. That the Finchs would change this.

Nope: cat fight!

And Donna Troy is back in Wonder Woman Vol. 7: War Torn.

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