Wonder Woman Wednesday: Wonder Woman #3, part 2 of 4

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After Diana’s Day on Paradise Island, this tale was a little lackluster. Perhaps the most interesting comment which Marston makes is that while the Amazons may be better at working on rehabilitation than American prisons, neither can keep Baroness Paula under their control.

Wonder Woman uses the Amazon lie detector. Fact: writer William Moulton Marston invented the lie detector.
Wonder Woman uses the Amazon lie detector on Paula's slaves. Fact: writer William Moulton Marston invented the lie detector. Cynical people might say free advertising. Others might point out that he was obsessed with the truth.

That’s right, Paula escapes. See her deep brainwashing ensures that her most loyal slaves still follow her no matter how hard the Amazons have worked to free their minds. Paula uses a trick of the Amazons; she has an invisible boat. She’s also created an invisible device which makes her (or any of her girls) invisible.

Paula also manages to kidnap Steve and brainwash him to her side. With Steve working against Wonder Woman, she’s captured. Paula plans to make Wonder Woman her greatest slave. As Wonder Woman’s bracelets are bound, we’re once again reminded that woman blacksmiths can’t take away Wonder Woman’s power, only men. Then as she’s sat in front of Paula’s mind-imprinting brainwash device, even Wonder Woman can’t look away.

Wonder Woman is brainwashed by Paula.
Wonder Woman is brainwashed by Paula.

Wonder Woman is compelled to obey Paul!

However, the ever plucky Etta is here to save the day. See Wonder Woman worried that an invisible Paul would steal her lasso of truth, so she gave it Etta for safe-keeping. When Etta realizes there’s something worrisome going on, she lassos Steve. See the power of Aphrodite overwhelms any influence that Paul might’ve had on him. (But apparently, the full effects take a while as Steve goes through the rest of the comic with the lasso around his ankle and Etta leading him.)

Steve is compelled to make the good choice.
Steve is compelled to make the good choice.

They then go to free Wonder Woman from Paula’s influence. But not without some fighting as Etta likes a good rustle. The invisibility devices are disabled quickly with a solid punch to the back as the devices are worn like backpacks.

In her escape, Paula blows up the lab with Wonder Woman, Steve, Etta, and the slaves trapped below. The moment Steve touches Wonder Woman, she feels the power of the lasso and Aphrodite. Wonder Woman comes out of Paula’s spell. Just in time so she can hold the roof up and let everyone escape.

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