Wonder Woman Wednesdays: Sensation Comics #9

Wonder Woman Wednesdays

Sensation Comics #9

Sensation Comics #9 marks the return of one Diana (Prince) White. That’s right, she’s back like a bad rash. Just kidding. But maybe Wonder Woman will learn a lesson about how you just can’t buy someone else’s identity. Or not.

Unfortunately, this issue also contains more racism in the drawings (Dr. Cue) and an overtly sexist character (Dan White) who’s never really called on it.

Diana and Steve are out to lunch together, and suddenly, this guy starts harassing Diana. He’s basically calling her a hussy for cheating on him. But Diana’s never met him. Dan White starts saying, “Don’t you remember our baby?” And Wonder Woman’s like “I’ve never had sex with a man, much less given birth.” Steve’s basically “WTF, Diana? Do you have a secret life?” Confusion abounds. Steve punches Dan in the face so Dan runs away.

Dan White mistakes Wonder Woman for his wife
Dan mistakes Wonder Woman for his property. I mean, doesn't she care about their baby? Hussy.

Confusion until Diana remembers that Dan White is the name of the other Diana’s finance, now husband. D’oh. This is why you can’t buy someone’s identity, Wonder Woman. Unless the person’s dead and the body’s hidden; then you can make a delightful TV show about it.

Of course, more confused than Wonder Woman is the other Diana. Who’s innocently at home, slaving over a hot dinner and taking care of her baby, as her husband comes home yelling at her for boning going on a lunch date with Steve Trevor. Dan’s basically a jealous ass, and we find out he’s also a failed inventor, which is causing his family to starve as he’s not bringing home the bacon. With his empty pockets comes a sexist attitude about how no wife of his is ever going to work.

Once Diana figures out who her husband ran into that afternoon, she figures out how she can make money. That’s right, she can get her old job back and no one will know any better. Diana basically guilts Wonder Woman into playing switcheroo one more time.

Diana guilts Wonder Woman
Diana reminds Wonder Woman that her child is starving, and if we remember anything from the milk issue, there should be a parade.

Anyway, it turns out that Dan’s wacky gas, which vaporizes all the wood and metal in a plane, actually works. And the bad guys are after it. I’ll assume they’re Nazis as it’s still WWII and they have bad “accents.” And Diana’s kidnapped by the bad guys to be held for ransom.

Diana (White) Prince the hostage.
Diana is the hostage Wonder Woman must save. I see more guilt.

It’s worth pointing out that only reason Diana’s kidnapped is that Dan paddle locked Wonder Woman, with a chain around her ankle, to the oven because he thought she was Diana and no wife of his was going to work outside the home. Yeah, Dan’s a real winner. Thankfully, Wonder Woman tries to hit him over the head with a book of feminism.

Dan locks up Wonder Woman
No property of Dan's will go out and earn a living to feed their child. Even if she's not his wife, but actually Wonder Woman. Imagine if Diana wanted to stop Nazis? What else will women want to do, run for President?

Anyway, turns out Dr. Cue, head of Japanese spies, wants the technology for himself. He’s planning on testing drugs on Diana and then on Etta, who puts herself under his care so Wonder Woman can track them down. Dr. Cue’s final panel of defeat pictures his actual face, featuring another racist drawing where Dr. Cue resembles Mr. Potato Head mixed with Roswell aliens and dyed yellow.

Dr Cue's racism characture in Wonder Woman
Interesting note: in my DC Archive Edition, Dr. Cue's skin is the same color as Wonder Woman's, unlike this original scan.

On a lighter note: there’s Beeta Lambda climbing down an elevator shaft, which I found entertaining.

Beeta Lambda climb down an elevator shaft
I know they taught me how to do this in college too.

Anyway, despite how Wonder Woman fights for us and leads an adventurous life, all she really wants is to be a wife and mother. She’s so envious of Diana, who now doesn’t have to work since Dan’s invention’s immediately bought by the U.S. Army. Yes, Wonder Woman wants Diana’s life once again. Even if Diana’s husband’s such a douchebag that he’d chain his wife to the stove, literally.

Wonder Woman longs to be a wife and mother like Diana.
That's right, loving douchebag Dan is higher calling than defending America or being a role model for young girls.

Oh, Wonder Woman, the other Diana has nothing on you. Trust me.

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  1. Good thing Dan had his leg shackles already tied to the oven. Hopefully he has another set attached to the washing machine so that he doesn’t have to switch them every time he’s out of underwear!

  2. I don’t think Diana Prince envied Diana White’s douche-bag husband, I think she envied the having a job as important as mothering.

    I mean, it’s not as though being a wife and mother is mutually exclusive to defending America or being a role model for young girls.
    Like the female Dr. Light for example.

    Adventures get boring after awhile though. To someone who regularly engages in them, having a husband/child IS an adventure.

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