Wonder Woman Wednesdays: Wonder Woman #3 part 1 of 4

Wonder Woman Wednesdays

Wonder Woman #3

Marston decided that Diana and Etta wouldn’t just hang around Canada capturing Nazis for the holiday season. Instead, the women take off to Paradise Island. But not before some shenanigans. Eve Brown and Dorothy Lord are arrested as spies, and Etta petitions to Diana to prove that they’ve innocent. Apparently, Paula Von Gunther has given them up so she can get a lighter sentence.

When Diana and Steve go to the jail, Paula escapes right in front of them. Once again, she’s used her charm to get away and out of the guards’ view.

Paula escapes
Yes, Paula escapes right in front of Steve and Diana. Which means Diana basically lets her go.

However, no one is in a huge hurry to prove Eve and Dorothy’s innocence. Wonder Woman comes to see Steve. She pretends to be Diana, the moon goddess, but Steve guesses that it’s her. She gives him a mental radio so he can contact her. Because Wonder Woman and Etta are heading to Paradise Island in the invisible jet. With one of Paula’s slaves, Keela, stowed away in Diana’s trunk.

Diana gives Steve a mental radio
Steve may be a man, but even he gets a little Diana's Day joy.

Because Paradise Island is all women, there is no Santa. Instead, there’s Diana’s Day. On Diana’s Day, one Amazon goes around with a mask on her face and delivers gifts. Of course, Wonder Woman is chosen to be Diana. Good thing she brought a ton of presents with her.

Marston also uses Diana’s Day to showcase a lot of his fetishes. Part of Diana’s Day is that anyone can challenge “Diana” and win the mask to take over the role. If the challenger fails, she’s tied up on her bed until dawn as “Diana” finishes her rounds.

Diana's Day Challenger
Wonder Woman ties up her challenger.

When the Amazons open up their packages, some of them don’t understand the gifts. Two Amazons fight with hockey sticks. And another spanks one with a tennis racket and calls it a “sissy spanker” as it’s not hard enough on her ass.

The Amazons misuse a tennis racket
Just why don't these spank hard enough?

The next day, the failed challengers dress up in deer suits and the other Amazons go hunting with bows and arrows that have suction cups on them. Of course, Diana is one of the best hunters. Etta rides a kanga and uses a lasso as she’s not very good with the bow and arrow. Once the hunters catch the “deer,” the deer are tied up and carried in a fireman’s hold to the kitchen.

Diana's day hunt
Wonder Woman has captured her first deer.

The deer are then hung up and “skinned” (costumes unzipped, wearing their daily Amazon outfits underneath them). Then they’re re-tied up and put on some platters as food. Two dishes that are shown are “chicken” and a “pie” with several deer. The “deer” must then perform a dance when they’re untied.

Amazons cooked for Diana's Day
The deer are prepared and delivered.

As Hippolyta goes to cut the pie, Keela sneaks up behind her and steals her girdle. Somehow, Paula knew the secrets behind the girdle and instructed Keela to steal it. Diana, Etta, and the rest of Amazons go after Keela to get it back. However, with the power of the girdle, Keela’s much stronger. She manages to tie up both Etta and Diana to trees and use them as her hostages to keep back Hippolyta and the other Amazons.

Keela was also signaling a Japanese boat to the location of Paradise Island. When the men don’t want to go forward through the mystical fog, Paula urges them on. She and a crew of her female slaves get on a small boat so they can raid the island.

Meanwhile, Mala creeps up and cuts Etta free. Etta then tackles Keela, and Hippolyta gets back the girdle. Then Wonder Woman, Etta, and some of the Amazons dive into the water to push back the Japanese boat. Steve’s in range to shoot the boat dead in the water. The rest of the Amazons and Hippolyta go to arrest Paula and her slaves as they row ashore. Hippolyta declares that capital punishment is against Aphrodite’s law (and Marston’s view of women as peaceful) and that Paula and company will be put into an Amazon prison and re-educated on Reform Island.

Etta takes down Keela with Mala's help
Once again, this comic book really need to be titled, Etta Candy.
Paula is captured and sentanced
The Amazons take Paula to Reform Island as they don't believe in capital punishment.

Oh, yeah, Paula also gives a confession which Wonder Woman and Etta use to free Eve and Dorothy. But in reality, this issue was pretty much an excuse for Marston to have a bunch of woman tied up by each other.

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