Event and Speaker Consulting

Erica assists with a speaker at MozCon LocalWant to make your presentation shine? Wondering how to take your event to the next level? I’ve worked on hundreds of events from fundraiser film nights to conventions with over 3,000 attendees, and I’ve personally coached over 300 speakers on crafting their presentations. Let me assist you.

My services

For speakers:
  • Being your personal coach and cheerleader
  • Discovering more about the event’s audience
  • Discussing your topic and tuning it to the crowd
  • Reviewing content and pushing it to new heights
  • Providing a design review with a focus on the event
  • Giving honest and constructive feedback on your presentation style
  • Teaching you skills to improve future presentations
For companies:
  • Building your event strategy with deep knowledge of community building
  • Delivering experiential level ups and balancing big picture objectives with the right details
  • Creating cross-channel promotion with 10+ years of online marketing experience
  • Training your team and providing documentation around speaker performance and wrangling
  • Helping you select the best speakers for your event’s needs and goals
  • Providing full speaker wrangling services, including coaching speakers on their presentations

I'll help take you to the next level. Erica with Marya Bangee at CMX Summit.

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“The fact that Erica creates and organizes the best of the best world-class events is well-established. What she does for us as speakers, however, is life-changing. Working with Erica on any speaking event means she will take you under her wing and provide you with advice, guidance, encouragement, and empathetically-delivered constructive feedback. She is the perfect coach and mentor to have in your corner.

If I had to describe Erica in one word it would be alchemist. She has turned lead (average speakers) into gold (world-class speakers) innumerable times. Pre-Erica, public speaking terrified me. Post-Erica, it’s my favorite thing to do. My entire career trajectory has changed as a result of working with Erica. The fact that my job involves public speaking and evangelizing Bing across the globe is all down to Erica’s influence. She helped me find my true calling, as she has done for so many others.”

Purna Virji
Purna Virji
Sr. Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft
“Erica is the best speaker liaison that I’ve ever worked with out of every speaking engagement I’ve done. She takes the time to really understand the audience and know what you need to bring to elevate your talk. I’m a better speaker for it.” Dana DiTomaso
Dana DiTomaso
Partner at Kick Point Inc.
“MozCon offered each of us a fresh perspective on our areas of expertises. More than simply shift our perspective, MozCon dismantled what we thought we knew about our roles and led us to reassess our entire approach.” Lee Ann Antuna
Lee Ann Antuna & the iPullRank team
“Erica is one of the best conference speaker wranglers I’ve worked with. Beyond being supportive and making sure you’re on track to met deadlines (so everything runs smooth). She provides constructive and timely feedback that elevates your presentation from being good to truly being amazing. My MozCon 2015 presentation could not have reached the high bar it did without her help. I’d work with Erica again and strongly recommend her for any conference or event that wants to reach the high conference bar that MozCon has set. 1,200 tickets selling out every year can’t be wrong in this super competitive space.” Duane Brown
Duane Brown
Managing Partner at Take Some Risk
“As a global marketing speaker, I’ve presented at many different events. But the best event by far has been MozCon — the one that Erica herself spent years organizing, building, and promoting.

As a speaker, I saw how she works closely with everyone to make sure that their topics, subject matter, decks, and delivery are top-notch. She makes sure that everyone does their very best. So, it helps not only the speakers but also the conference as a whole.

As an attendee, I was always amazed at the level of both fun and professionalism of Erica’s MozCon. On the professional level, she made sure that every single presentation would interest the audience. On the fun level, she made sure that everyone would have a fun time and would be able to network at the same time. Every single detail was planned out meticulously for maximum affect.

In another important area, Erica made sure that both men and women were represented on stage in equal numbers. The issue of equality and fairness in the tech and marketing worlds is finally being addressed, and Erica is at the forefront of that movement on many levels.

In short, Erica is the person to contact if you want to do any or all of the following:

– Organize and run a complex conference with many moving parts on an ongoing basis
– Hire a community relations expert to build an online and offline community as well as interact with influencers and brand ambassadors
– Get advice on how to improve your public speaking abilities or evaluate those of potential speakers at your event”

Samuel Scott
Samuel Scott
Global Marketing Keynote Speaker